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When Asha was in kindergarten, her teacher gave her a piece of paper with 3 empty blocks to draw in the top 3 things she wanted to be when she grew up. One box was an astronaut. The other, a scientist. The last, an artist.

Asha's work has captured the eyes and souls of those who yearn for a return to Love and Music when it was simple. With vibrant colors and bold borders, her work has been liked by the fans of Keith Haring.  But one can clearly see that she designs a path of no other as she continues her journey of healing souls while upholding the true essence of Love and Music.

When Asha is not behind the canvas, she can be seen (if you catch her) running her clothing line Note 2 Self LLC and empowering the minds of music lovers through drum lessons. It is by far no mistake that she is not in outer space collecting moon samples or in a lab mixing potions for the next beauty elixir.  The vision was written and plain. Today, Asha Santee is an artist. Simple. Powerful. Inspiring. True.


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